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Pickpocketing is one of the most annoying and frustrating things that can happen to you while you are overseas. It depletes your travelling budget, which is already small, to begin with! Apart from doing all the necessary preventive measures like anti-theft crossbody backpacks and travel pouches, limiting the cash you have on hand can also help.

Instead of lugging so much cash around especially if you travel for a long period , why not go cashless? DBS Multi-Currency account allows you to keep foreign currencies in your bank account. You can transact overseas directly in the relevant foreign currency without being exposed to conversion or administrative fees.

DBS Multi-Currency account currently allows you to transact in 11 foreign currencies: In the event that you really get pickpocketed , you can still fall back on your backup card. But, trust us, it is much easier to protect one card than a wade of cash.

For some of us, travelling is more than just a time to relax. It is also a time to learn about the cities, its people and its culture. Often, we do not have the luxury of time to fully appreciate the city for its uniqueness. For half a day, you get to learn about most of the major events that happened to the city. It is also a good time to burn off some calories so that you can enjoy local cuisine at night. Most of these walking tours are conducted by local experts who live in and love the city.

They operate on tips only, which means that you can decide how much you want to give. We advocate everyone to tip dollars in the local currency depending on how much you have enjoyed the tour. Even with the tip, it is still well within your budget! Oh, and did we mention that most cities also have free pub crawls?

You might need to pay for your own alcohol though. Admit it, you NEED the internet to survive overseas. From checking how to reach your next destination on Google maps to finding the best food places, the internet is indispensable for travellers.

In this day and age, we hardly know of anyone who still uses travel guidebooks for travel except for the travel purists. However, roaming charges can be expensive, regardless of which telco you are tied to. Instead, we recommend getting an overseas SIM card that allows you to surf the internet without any cost worries.

These SIM cards are typically much more cost efficient, i. If you are only travelling to a single country, you can consider getting one at the airport. But if you want to save even more, get it from the local or convenience store.

If you are travelling to different places, there are also SIM cards that allow you to connect to the internet in multiple countries. For some countries, it also makes sense and is easier to buy a prepaid SIM card from one of the local telcos in Singapore.

Airbnbs are good choices if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to hotels. The option to cook. Eating out can be an expensive affair, especially in countries or cities where the cost of living is higher than in Singapore think Europe. For budget travellers, one way to save is to cook your own food. Another tip that will help you save money is to scan supermarkets for soon-to-expire items.

Many items are being sold at a discount if the expiry date is near. Since you are going to consume it on the day, you can get them for half the cost or even lower!

Do you ever get tired of all the up-to-the-minute technology around you? Feel like escaping the mechanical world? While a real-time machine may not quite exist, you can still transport yourself back in time. Book a flight to Myanmar — a nation quite set in another era, waiting to be explored by tourists!

A visit to Myanmar promises to move the most indifferent of souls. After all, to see a country spend years under military rule, now marching towards peace and preparing to show the world its soft, welcoming side is truly inspirational.

On your itinerary, make sure side aside time to explore the mesmerising sunrise of Bagan in a hot-air balloon, take a heritage walking tour of Yangon and stroll on the iconic U Bein Bridge.

We also recommend taking time to explore the local markets around Inle Lake, getting to know the unique life of the people. Not so unique this may be, but no Myanmar visit can begin without a visit here. Inside the pagoda, you will see many locals performing series of rituals and tourists being led by guides, all enamoured by the mesmerising architecture.

The best part about the Shwedagon Pagoda is that despite the crowds, you get enveloped in serenity and calmness, urging you to sit down and take it all in. If you thought that the Brits loved their tea more than anyone else, you were mistaken. Burmese locals not only love their tea but make it a point to visit the numerous new and old tea shops across Myanmar to sample them. It is the perfect place to ditch those swanky coffee shops and noisy watering holes for quaint tea houses. These tea houses not only have a selection of traditional and newly blended Burmese teas on the menu but also some delicious food options such as mutton pastries, pennyworts salads and steamed buns, all served with a huge smile.

Notable tea houses such as Rangoon Tea House and Lucky Seven Tea House are the perfect places to get a glimpse of the Burmese culture and the bygone days. If you are looking for an activity that is both adventurous and historical, your hunt ends with the Po Win Daung Caves. These multi-centuries-old, man-made caves are nothing like you have ever seen.

Imagine being barefoot, weeding your way through over decorated caves and viewing stunning carvings of Buddha at every turn! Most of the statues and paintings here date back to the 14th Century.

This archaeological wonder is located around 25kms away from Monywa but might take awhile to reach, thanks to the rugged rural road conditions. It is advisable to hire a guide to understand the historical importance of the place. It can get tiring to walk through it all, but it is well worth it. Carry loads of water and beware of the fierce monkeys in the area. If you thought Thailand and Philippines grab all the awards when it comes to housing the most stunning beaches in Southeast Asia, you were wrong.

Choose to snorkel, swim, fish or kayak in the azure waters. If you want to get a taste of the local life, head to the adjoining fishing village of Jate Taw. Another must-do thing here is to sample the deliciously fresh seafood at one of the local beachside restaurants. Hikers love Myanmar and there is little doubt why. The country offers numerous options for adventure trekking and various scenic walking trails.

Whether it is exploring floating villages while walking from Inle Lake to Kalaw or viewing one of the best sunsets of your life while trekking on the Hsipaw hills, trekking in Myanmar deserves all the attention it gets from locals and tourists.

Have some Myanmar Kyats with you as some of the less popular places may prefer the local currency. With the exception of hotels and restaurants, your credit card will have limited use. To get the best deals, always look for discounts or bonus miles that these cards offer when you book with partners like Expedia or Agoda. Racking your brains to plan the most unforgettable proposal for the Mrs-to-be?

Fly your bae to the romantic island of Hawaii for the ultimate nuptial soiree and bid adieu to the single life once and for all. The soulful surf town of Hanalei is perhaps the best beach in Hawaii for sipping Mai Tais by the shore, soaking up some sun and enjoying an oceanfront dining experience with the love of your life.

The bay is a gorgeous tropical paradise surrounded by lush natural landscapes, rolling green hills and multi-coloured coral reefs located at both ends of the bay. Definitely the perfect backdrop to capture that magical moment. The two-mile long trail takes you through lush green scenery and a dense bamboo forest before reaching the thundering waterfall that stands feet tall, pouring water down a vertical rock wall into the shallow pool below. Getting down on one knee under this incredible landmark is bound to invite envy of her friends.

Just image how amazing the photos would look! Sailing across the blue waters of Hawaii onboard a sleek yacht might just be the sexiest place to tie the knot at. Be sure to look out for whales, dolphins and other marine mammals that often make an appearance along the Hulopo'e and Ma'alaea Bay. Water sporting activities like snorkelling, diving and stand-up paddle boarding are also available onboard the vessel.

Regardless of where you are in Hawaii, you can count on every beach, bay or jungle to be equally perfect for declarations of love. Get your tickets now! Singapore is an expensive place to live in. Sometimes, we are even called the most expensive city in the world. Indonesia is beautiful, simple, heartwarming, and welcoming.

From vibrant Bali, to the intriguing Yogyakarta, Indonesia has many fascinating stories for adventurous travelers. The best part is that travelling around the country is not too expensive. And if you are a Bali fan, you will be happy to know that you can enter the famous Tanah Lot Temple, Elephant Temple, and explore Mount Batur all twice!

Welcome to the land of elephants, wild parties, spas and of course, malls. It is the favourite destination of backpackers, couples, as well as families. Street food is abundant and delicious in Thailand. Here are 8 Amazing Destinations. You can pay for either your stay, food or travel:. Beautiful countrysides, romantic cafes, the Eiffel Tower and those melt-in-the-mouth macaroons. It is a country on the travel list of many.

Vietnam is the perfect combination of stunning natural beauty and fascinating heritage. But you get some essentials. If you are cooking dinner, egg fried rice could be on the menu as 12 eggs and a kg of rice comes for under 5 dollars. India — the land of Bollywood, the Taj Mahal, cultures, and colours. Plus, India is affordable. An Insta-worthy skyline, neon-lit buildings, humongous malls and delicious food, all make Hong Kong the great place it is.

A thrilling horse race at Happy Valley: Such world acclaimed martial arts legends as Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Donnie Yen have all played this fictional kung-fu hero before. Donnie Yen first played the character Chen Zhen in a television series in that mesmerized audiences across Asia, including China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. In Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, Ten reprises this role in a completely brand new take on the urban legend.

Shi Qi has been adored by both commercial and art house filmmakers, her latest romantic comedy If You Are The One being the highest grossing comedy of all time in China. She also served as a jury member at the Berlin International Film Festival in Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. He was last seen in French co-production Vengeance, an official selection of Cannes Film Festival of Everybody comes to Casablanca… Casablanca is an upscale cabaret nightclub in Shanghai during the s, where a mishmash of clientele hobnobs every night till the sun comes up: Chinese entrepreneurs, British Officials, Japanese rogues, and spies who desperately seek to overthrow the growing power of the Japanese in China.

Although the owner of Casablanca, Mr To professes to be neutral in all matters, he inevitably has to choose between the Chinese people and the Empire of the Sun.

Everybody comes to Casablanca for a reason, including the mustachioed entrepreneur returned from overseas and the sultry songbird Kiki, who brings down the house with her Japanese songs. The entrepreneur is none other than Chen Zhen in disguise, who dwells in a world of nefarious mean in order to infiltrate the criminal empire but finds himself inextricably enamored with Kiki.

Chinese men on the Western Front. Between and France and the Great Britain use their diplomatic influence reo recruit soldiers from the Third World, China being one of them. Thousands of Chinese laborers are conscripted and transported to Europe to help the Allied war effort, most of whom end up dead in the line of fire. Chen Zhen is one of the few revered survivors who make it back to China in one piece.

Deprived of the wages they were promised, these Chinese soldiers develop close bond akin to brotherhood in the field. When he was in high school, he started bullying the other children in class. His violent nature soon led to his career as a criminal. He started out as a small time street criminal, selling contraband cigarettes or stealing tombstones then sandblasting the names off them and reselling them to crooked Panamanians.

Cocaine had become the more fashionable drug of choice for most people in the U. It was also much more dangerous to smuggle the goods out of the country. He began developing his drug trafficking operations, flying a plane by himself over to the United States to smuggle a load before decommissioning it at his ranch in Hacienda Napoles which he had constructed to run all his drug related operations and where he housed most of the unprocessed coca.

The incident which elevated his malevolence was when he murdered a well known Medellín drug lord named Fabio Restrepo in Escobar had offered to sell 14 kilos of cocaine to him. Soon after, his men were informed that they were now working for Pablo.

What he was, was more violent and ruthless than most of the people who were engaged in this business. He introduced a level of brutality that they were not used to, and they were really in over their heads.

He had learned from a young age that in Medellín, law enforcement could be bought. In May , he and several of his men were arrested returning to Medellín after acquiring a hefty shipment of the white dust from Ecuador. This was his first major run in with the law. And his attempts to bribe the judges who oversaw the case proved unsuccessful.

As months went by, the situation intensified and proved to be a threat to Pablo and his organization. He reacted by having two of the arresting officers killed and the case was soon dropped. It was then Pablo began this ruthless style of dealing with authority of either bribing them or having them killed.

If a politician, judge or policemen ever got in his way, his first attempt was to bribe them. Soon, Escobar began making more money than anyone in Colombia could imagine. His ranch in Hacienda Napoles had a private zoo filled with exotic animals like Elephants, Zebras, and Rhinoceros which he had imported from abroad.

He had his very own private army, mostly consisting of insurgents and rebel forces which carried out most of his attacks on those who opposed him. By the mid s, Pablo Escobar was one of the most powerful men in the world and he had cultivated a reputation for his violence.

Once during a dinner party at his house, a waiter was caught stealing silverware from his kitchen. Pablo then turned to the crowd and announced that the same fate would befall anyone who stole from him.

He had reached a height of power where he could murder anyone, anywhere, anytime. Pablo was above the law and he knew it. He was, for a man of his time, unstoppable. Pablo was a brilliant criminal. He spent some of his millions building churches and schools for the people of Medellín and funded housing developments for the homeless.

He knew that he would be safer if the public loved him. His notable fame granted him a certain amount of political power, as well as a seat in the Colombian parliament. While the people of Medellín saw him as somewhat of a local celebrity, he was considered a criminal to the Colombian Government and was under constant pressure by the U.

In Colombia, he could manipulate the justice system by bribing law officials or killing anyone who got in his way. But before he had the chance to take his seat in the congress, he was immediately denounced by the Minister of Justice, Rodrigo Lara, who exposed him as a drug trafficker and notorious criminal. His fall from grace was swift. Having been deeply humiliated by the allegations, he had the Justice Minister killed by one of his gunmen three months after his stand against Escobar at congress.

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