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My little guy loved it. This book as mostly basic info but your kids should love it. It can help you under stand the first season of Digmon more. I wish it were a little tougher as it is becoming raggedy. Laura Haggarty Top Contributor: I purchased this book for my 6 year old daughter. This book provides them with a complete at least until more are created reference to all her favorite Digimon characters.

The first section of the book gives a brief "history" of the Digimon world and monsters, and also has a guide to using the book for both types of trading cards. Next comes a large section with one monster per page, with information about pronunciation of the name, levels, numbers, groups, type, size, techniques, abilities, and a description. At the end is a list of FAQS frequently asked questions , info on the card games, and an alphabetical listing.

All in all this is a good resource for any Digimon fan, although it will probably be out of date within a year or two, as they add more monsters to the roster.

Ryan Nerz does a good job when it comes to the stats, but it's lacking something when it comes to descriptions. Most of them simply say what the Digimon looks like as if the pictures didn't show us and their attacks. That's usually about it, unless they add how scary or strong the Digimon is and that we should watch out for them. Sometimes they throw in an extra bit, like what part they played in the show, which is a plus.

All in all, it's a nice book despite the not up to par descriptions. Extras include and FAQ, show information, and Digidestined information. One person found this helpful. A Kid's Review 5. What a great book. I take it with me everywhere I go. I mean, yeah, it has some mistakes, but it still has more Digimon characters and concepts than any other guide or book. Ryan Nerz rocks, and so does this guide! See all 11 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on October 20, Published on August 24, Published on June 2, What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Several Stegosaurus were successfully captured by Ken Wheatley and his group of mercenaries to be loaded on to Arcadia to be taken to the mainland.

One individual is about to be loaded on to the ship until Wheatley ordered the truck carrying it to stop for a while. Wheatley soothes the tranquilized dinosaur's head for a bit before brandishing his pliers to pull one of its tooth out.

He taunted the Stegosaurus by showing its own tooth before placing it among his collection of other dinosaur teeth he had extracted and kept as trophies. When the Arcadia left Isla Nublar, one adult Stegosaurus could be seen calling out from its cage.

The captured Stegosaurus were locked and cages for auction, with one being successfully sold. They were once again threatened by death due to some poisonous gas. Luckily, they were released from their cages by Claire Dearing and were able to escape thanks to Maisie Lockwood. They were last seen escaping the Lockwood Manor along with many other dinosaurs and fleeing into the forests of Northern California. Before the InGen Incident two Stegosaurus died from eating Melia azedarach and many fall ill from the plant.

The creature is encountered in the chapter " Stegosaurus ". Donald Gennaro 's inspection team arrives at the location after they had seen the Saurapod Swamp. The team leaves the Land cruisers to inspect a sick stegosaur. The creature is described as: The tail had dangerous-looking 3 foot spikes. But the neck tapered to an absurdly small head with a stupid gaze, like a very dumb horse". Alan Grant finds raptor egg fragments within the Stego's range. Gerry Harding tells the team that the stegosaurs make a fixed route through their territory which takes a week.

One in six weeks the animals get blisters. The team discovers later that the animals get sick because once in 6 weeks the animals swallow stones which they use as gastroliths , while they do this they also swallow the berries of the poisonous Melia azedarach.

Dennis Nedry stole a Stegosaurus embryo from the Cryo Labs. When Tim Murphy climbs out of the tree after the T. He describes it as being stupid, and he easily scares it off by throwing a rock. By the end of the novel, only 1 remains and is seen on one of the monitors fighting with the young Tyrannosaurus rex.

The animal was likely killed in the Napalm Bombing. Stegosaurus is first seen by the Site B river with the other dinosaur herds. There is a single, solitary stegosaur that is seen by the river and it is quite possibly the only Stegosaurus that is seen in the entire novel.

After Sarah Harding regained consciousness after pulling herself up onto the shore of Site B, she discovered that a stegosaur had been licking her face as she was unconscious. The stegosaur's dark-blue tongue was rough like sandpaper and its saliva smelled sweet, like fermenting African beer. She had first mistaken it for a horse, it had dull eyes and soft eyelashes, but then she discovered that the head was too narrow and the snout was too tapered.

The Stegosaurus , she described, had a small head, a surprisingly thick neck, a huge and heavy lumbering body, with a double row of pentagonal plates running along the crest of the back and a dragging tail with spikes in it.

At first, she thought it was a trick or a hoax. Quickly looking for a seam or mechanical motion, she soon found out it was the real creature. The skin of the Stegosaurus had a pebbled texture, not scaly like a reptile's, but more like the skin of a rhino or of a hairless warthog. Like Tim Murphy in the first novel, she found it also had a peaceful, but ignorant.

She deduced from her observations that the stegosaur was warm-blooded based on its quick movements and purple tongue. It is encountered in the Tyrannosaurus level. Stegosaurus can be encountered in Jurassic Park: Contrary to what John Hammond says when you see your first Brachiosaurus , a Stegosaurus is a large herbivore from the Jurassic Period. It can be seen in only a few levels, one of which is level 2, the Jungle Road. In this level, the Stegosaur can be used as an alternative for guns for dealing with a nearby Tribe A Velociraptor.

Stegosaurs are fairly slow when they move, and their only obvious line of defense are the 3-foot-each spikes on the tail. Unfortunately, the Stegos in the game don't have any real tail-swipe like in the film, but the spikes can damage the player if one gets too close to them.

Stegosaurus appears in the Audio menu of Warpath: Jurassic Park 's Options mode. It oddly used Styracosaurus sound. Stegosaurus is not listed in the museum, either. Stegosaurus also appears in Jurassic Park: Its fossils are found in the Morrison Formation A along with Dryosaurus and Ceratosaurus , just like in the real world. Stegosaurus can also have "Death Duels" with Tyrannosaurus rex , usually coming on top by swinging its spikes on to the T.

Tyrannosaurus will sometimes come on top by grabbing its neck and twisting it hard, very much like the Tyrannosaurus rex and Ankylosaurus death duel. This is possibly a reference to the battle between a Tyrannosaurus and a Stegosaurus in a segment of Walt Disney's Fantasia. It is a friend of Kentrosaurus and moves in herds with them.

However, for most of the time, T. The coloration is very close to The Lost World: Park Builder , Stegosaurus is a herbivore that can be created. A Mini Stegosaurus is also nr. The remains of a female Stegosaurus eaten by Compys is encountered in the arcade game The Lost World: Jurassic Park , level 1. Some stegosaurs can be seen in the attract mode. Stegosaurus is one of the available dinosaurs in the social media game Jurassic Park: Though it requires dino-dollars purchase. Stegosaurus is a herbivore in Jurassic World: It is first encountered near the river when Ian, Nick and Eddie are looking for Sarah.

Sarah pops up in one of Nick's pictures and gives him a scare. Sarah follows the herd to see the infant. When Sarah photographs the infant with a flashlight the baby and the entire herd is scared and attacks.

Sarah and Nick must shelter in a tree trunk, which the Stegosaur attacks with its tail spikes. After this has been repeated three times, the adult walks away with the rest of the herd. In the Hunter's camp and adult and infant Stegosaur is captured. Nick and Sarah must first release the adult. Then the adult can be used to break the infant's cage and set it free. Stegosaurus appears in Jurassic World: It was initially depicted with a low-hanging tail similar to old-fashioned portraits as well as its appearance in Jurassic World.

But fan criticism led to the developers updating it with an elevated tail, which is possessed by both its real-life counterpart and its appearance in both The Lost World: Stegosaurus will be in Jurassic World: Stegosaurus from Topps Comics. Image courtesy of Jurassic Park Legacy. Stegosaurus appears as a toy in the Jurassic Park Series 1 this figure inaccurately depicts Stegosaurus and The Lost World Series 1 toy line this version is much more movie accurate.

A Stegosaurus was also going to be made into a figure for the Jurassic Park toy line featuring a "Dino Damage" skin patch and a whipping tail action similar to The Lost World figure.

This figure was later created to be a part of the Jurassic Park 3D toy line , but it too was never released. However, its only appearance is from an image on the back of the toy packages, partially obscured by a blank, yellow sticker. A new figure of the Stegosaurus will be released as part of the toyline for Jurassic World: A pair of Stegosaurus are seen in the Jurassic Park: One of the Stegosaurus appears to be a baby.

They reside in Stegosaurus Springs , the ride's equivalent of the novel's Stegosaurus South. Add a photo to this gallery. Jurassic Park Stegosaurus concept art. Jurassic World Stegosaurus concept art. Note that the pose of the Stegosaurus in this conceptual art is identical to the one above. In the film adaptation of Jurassic Park , the sick Stegosaurus is replaced by a sick Triceratops.

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The regulator is continuing with its probe into alleged violation of capital market regulations by Mehul Choksi-Nirav Modi duo and their associates including some brokers in connection with two listed firms -- PNB and Gitanjali Gems, the official added. Not wanting to further the damage the world that their fighting would cause, she shifted them all to one of her dimensions , placing them above a sea of lava.

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While he's gone, Yamato goes through his belongings and finds evidence that Sai has been assigned to assassinate Sasuke.

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