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Election violence.

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I feel very sorry for the people who lost their lives. Please do not play with the lives for your politics. Why is it that everything IS does kills primary Muslims in large numbers and brings chaos to countries and million of its citizens? It seems whoever is US target , IS follows closely behind in support. India first carries out terrorist activities and then launches individuals who claim responsibility. But India and enemies of Pakistan does not know Pakistanis are united and resilient as ever.

Pakistan is here to stay no matter what happens!! Serious questions MUST be asked and answered. Is it not a colossal failure of security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies for not being able to protect its citizens. What have they done so far to improve security in the face of so many threats? Were there any special preparation done to curb anticipated election violence?

Who is responsible for security failures which has taken so many lives during the last couple of weeks alone. People are sick and tired of hearing that " these kind of things just happen". People want to know what has been done to prevent such attacks and why they have failed repeatedly.

The USA is asking Pakistan to do more against Haqqani network but at the same time allowing the ISIS to grow in Afghanistan under its umbrella without any hindrance; the spill-over effect has caused the notorious and wanton group like ISIS to easily target our beloved country. May the souls of the victims find a place in heaven, and may the cruel incident be proved as the last one before some sense prevails in our institutions to overhaul the security structure of our nation.

Time to hit back against these terrorists! Time to get to work Armed Forces of Pakistan. Let's hit back harder! Wish departed souls rest in peace and their loved once get strength to deal with this sad loss. I condemn all forms of extremism. This is not good news for Pakistan. Authorities are busy making their own pockets bigger while innocent citizens are dying. Expect a stock market crash next week.

IS is a US created and supported organisation. It is being used here as the last ditch effort before runaway from Afghanistan. Better fight with terrorism and corruption than blaming India for all your problems. It is a very sad day!! Our enemy is active once again in killings and terrorizing innocent civilians in Baluchistan. They want to spread a message to the world that Baluchistan is not safe and the people of Baluchistan are not in favour of elections.

Our law enforcement agencies should be blamed for lapses in security to the candidates and innocent people. Our neighbours do not want to see peace in Pakistan and they are active in killing as many people as possible to defame and demoralize Pakistan. They will not be succeeded in their wicked agendas they have crafted against Pakistan.

It's very sad for the whole nation. My all condolence to the families of victims. No one is ready to take responsibility of civilians. May their soul rest in peace. RIP for the departed souls. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Comments 94 Closed Popular Newest Oldest.

Jul 13, Voilence return to Pakistan. Our law enforcement agencies need to answer. Inna lillahe wa inna elihe rajoon. We feel very sorry for the loss of their innocent lives. No one responsible for security of common Pakistani? My condolences to the families of the bereaved. Human - When Talibans are claiming responsibility, than you know the enemy, isn't it?

RIP After a prolonged period of relative calm in the country these blasts now occurring with alarming frequency. Pakistan Zindabad Balochistan Zindabad. Enemies in full force, stay united and strong.

Army need to step here and boost security - especially around sensitive locations More importantly the masterminds need to be caught ASAP. Pakistan is paying a very high price of war on terror.

Feeling so bad my condolences with victims families. Enemies of Pakistan or cavemen? Is that a rhetorical question? Daanish by saying this, you have to console. Ground reality is different. Certainly this act of violence should be condemned by all in Pakistan.

What is going on! Please stop this madness!!! Sanity i just read this now, so next time be more specific and do so quickly Human what a joke in the name of Human. Should you be pitied or ignored? Very very sad manzoor pashteen song is correct. Seventy percent budget is eaten by the security forces without much output or performance. World class military and most advanced spy agency cannot safeguard common people. Man's inhumanity to Man makes countless thousands mourn. Jaffer sheriff its really a very sensible comment.

Human life is priceless.. It is unfortunate when such things happen. Jul 14, Heartly condolence from India. While lamenting the loss of innocent lives. IS or TTP are only labels but who is manufacturing the poison should pay a price.

Where are our security institutions? Can it do that? Back to old days. No value for human lives. Who will take responsibility for such inhuman crimes its Very sad.

Jul 15, This is done by the terrorist Indian State IS. Most popular Wary of debt trap, govt rethinks Silk Road projects. Regularisation of Banigala properties should begin with PM Khan: Islamabad airport's manager sacked after stray dogs spotted wandering premises. Kashmiri leader distances himself from social media campaign against newspaper. Saudi team arrives in Pakistan, may sign four MoUs.

Musharraf 'growing weaker rapidly' from unspecified illness: Female constable's sexual assault case is a test for my ministry: Before dialogue, there must be a common-sense acceptance of regional realities.

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