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Why The Daily Mail Became the World’s Most Visited Newspaper Website.

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Calvin Coolidge () was the 30th President of the United States. A serious and no-nonsense man, Coolidge was unassuming but had a quiet determination that saw him prosper in the White House. Thanks to Matt for submitting this great quote.

Thank you for taking the time to go into such depth and detail. Yep, a couple of days after I removed those services, I was back ranking against all the spammy sites again.

I checked with Scroogle. Fat pings send the whole post and so establish your authorship with google before a scraper can get it. You wrote this post just as I was about to launch my own blog which is due tomorrow. I think the most crucial thing to keep in mind which is something I learned is to have patience and faith that it will all work out. Many beginning bloggers fail for that very reason. And so I have developed enough gusto to keep it going despite the doubts and limiting beliefs that will no doubt come along the way.

The thing you describe in this long, high-quality-as-ever-post happens in all type of media. We can speak about television, printed magazines, radio, blogging — whatever you want: It happens since Gutenberg has printed his first book. Only media with unique high-quality-content survived the competition for a longer time. All other ones died quickly after the first few years. Omg its a huge report,i forgot lots of things when moving forward. Longest post ever seen.

Great post though, this one is going to take a while to digest fully. We have to wait long time for your one blog but waiting isworty for us. Thanks a lot for this superb and long Article: Puts in perspective how Bob Marley focused and obsessed on exploding his message into the world.

I spent 2 full hours to read through this article, back and forth and again to make sure I understand every point you want to make. I somehow just cannot forget about Viperchill, even though it does not appear regularly on my FB or Twitter feed.

Thank you Glen for putting so much effort to get us coming back, again and again. Of course now, like what you always like to tell us, is to act on what you have shared. Thank you so much again!! One thing I have noticed about certain sites is that, even though they have tons of content, the site looks great and the headlines are eye catching is that the material is simply filler. You can forget it 6 seconds after you read it. And they always seem to have new posts daily but you never care to read them when you run across them in your RSS.

While the SEO gang have always been somewhat adversarial, in the past when you got slapped by the big G, you figured out a way to get back in. The cat and mouse game has become more like Russian roulette, and its hard to pull the trigger. Then, he compared them to a young French Revolution Napoleon—agile and strategic.

Consistency is the way to crush it online. Consistency can mean whatever you want it to mean, so long as it stays the same. Same goes for design. Steve Pavilina, has had basically the same design for as long as I can remember. I think it would be a mistake to do a major re-haul to that site. Similar thing happened with dreammoods, a popular dream dictionary site. Not too long ago, they changed the logo and added a different navigation.

They now have a link to the old layout. Popular Does Not Equal Profit. This is something I feel a lot of bloggers get wrong. I think the thing about good design only works if it fosters a community. If something else causes people to become part of a group then the design only matters a small amount and visa versa. Interesting how everyone picked up on the ping point. Mention Google, and a name like Matt Cutts and anyone with a website is instantly turned on!

Any chance of simply just listing what you do now have so we can simply cut and paste to our blogs? I I posted the links above, just copy and paste those. I would personally leave out pingomatic. The more I read the more I become totally confused. I run one of the top 5 blogs in my niche but struggle to make it number 1 and I seem to have hit a Plateau I cannot break through.

I like short sharp value packed posts… I like long in-depth posts… I see value in both! I seem to struggle in making a decision in how to improve, which way to turn, I am spending more time reading about what to do than doing it. I clicked your name to take a look at your blog and hopefully offer some tips but the link is broken!

Shoe is pretty funny and alright with some of his stuff.. None of this is a surprise to anybody paying attention to the medium. Basically, blogging as a medium is going through the same adjustments that traditional media does. Do what you do online with that understanding rather just pursuing mass eyeballs and pixels on an analytics graph.

Email, podcasting, videos — all of it — is very important stuff. Approach blogging as a business if you want it to take off. From there, divide out your activity among ALL those things. Think of these like organizational departments, and run your business in that way. I have to read one more time to write my opinions on this…will get back soon. I love the way you set this up Glenn. I only paid enough attention to click and see what it was, and your intro did a great job of MAKING me read all 12, words.

If you want to make money with a blog you need a business. A business that needs to be paying attention to what the industry is doing. My geeky html designing self 10 years ago would think all of this talk about blogging is nuts.

Anyone read the Singularity by Ray Kurzweil? Good thing I used my notepad from the start to remember some stuff for later, some really insightful thoughts closely related to my niche so thanks Glen! That unordered list really spiked my interest since it had real examples to show observations from.

About page optimization for page views and lower bounce rates I had some great success with Gravity. Yes, I had actually meant to remove that bullet point. WIll be back with comments. Sometimes I need a post to link for one subject or another.

I end up wasting time trying to figure out which of ten similar posts to link with a site like Copyblogger. I usually skip it and link to something here, or another blog that focuses on value instead of quantity. I love opt-in skin BTW! Thank you so much for writing this! Enjoyed it and learned a lot. I want to implement lot of things that I learned right now but exams………..

Excellent article and thanks for sharing! I must admit I was intimidated by the length, but this inspired me to look at kindlefeeder. Just need to assimilate all the content and think how I can use it! I love the way you take a step back and really consider your industry — working smarter, not harder. For a noobie blogger like me, this post is full of tons of information. I definitely think you deserve a book deal, because I would be the first in line to read you expound on this even further.

Thanks for taking the time to share, challenge and give all the bloggers a heads up. I am sure you forgot about writing why it saw such a tremendous growth.

Not only is their content declining at an insane rate, but it feels like they are just giant sellouts now. Every single e-mail from them is just trying to funnel a way into your wallet or to promote something or someone who most likely is trying to sell something. My comments are in parentheses:. I need your help please. The winning blogger will get to eat out at a new Richmond restaurant everyday for days and blog about it! The candidate who receives the most votes will automatically earn a free pass to the final three.

I know Ed will do great in the final interviews, but he can't do that if he can't get into the final three, so let's get him there! Is John even writing this? Thanks for your help!

The only reason I stay subscribed is to keep my head in the game on how and what he is promoting, not because it actually gives me any type of value whatsoever. Nice post overall Glen — I wish there was more detail about the Pinging service problem you learned about from Matt Cutts and why it's even an issue just so we could have a better understanding of it from an SEO perspective.

I completely agree with most of what you said about the future of blogging. This is how I see it sort of what you said:. If people are going to have there blog as a business, they must think of it in terms of a business.

The actual blog is just the landing platform. Keep your juicy content for the email list. They are the ones who have kindly giving you their email. Information that they know will work, and are helping them get to their goals. If you give someone 9 actionable pieces of advice and each one helps them, then when you offer a product they know it will help them get even closer to their goals.

Then you can give them another X amount of actionable advice. The goal here is actually improving their life why they are on your blog. You do this well. I always take away great information. So what is the blog? The blog is the platform in which you try to get people into your asset the list. Of course the content must be great and tempt the reader into the list, but you need to keep all the great stuff for the people who give you their email. I personally think 1 week maximum is enough.

You could keep people away from other blogs, but you might also find they stay away from yours. I use opt-in skin, which is very cool you came out with it by the way, because everyone is going to need to improve their conversion rate. Another thing I agree with is the look of some blogs. Lets hope for a change and people start to deliver content that will change peoples lives, rather that write fluff.

Thanks for this post Glenn. I agree that this important juncture for bloggers who earn money from their efforts blogging, and if a culture of excellence can be maintained, so much the better for everyone. As for sinking into mediocrity, I think that its a shame that the mass of society can be so banal! Huge respect and thanks to you. I can just hear them now. Thanks for continuing to create insightful and forward looking stuff for us.

Good to know your schedule is somewhat clean so you can do it more! Your content is extremely thorough and always contains details I love to read about! So many nuggets of gold in your post. You are one of the few remaining bloggers that I subscribe to — as you do provide relevant-to-me information; with no additional garbage baggage included.

I LOVE that you write great long posts — I am a reader, in search of information, and you break things down and offer insights that I find extremely useful.

Life is way too short!! Dude, seriousely you must be exhausted: D But damn good article! Speaking of optin skin, ive mailed your support desk, could you give me a reply its quite urgent.

Glenn I remember when you were 16 and had the dub sites lol. Wow man good stuff. I really needed this post for a new project I am starting. Epic post Glen… just started reading your content a couple weeks ago based on advice from this dude name Pat… I can see right away how your blog is different and value you provide to your readers. Like a ton of others, skimmed thru and about to read fully. Will say this — I have noticed a TON more websites with an email list optin as part of the header design in the last 6 months than ever before.

Just funny how everyone starts jumping that bandwagon all at the same time. Your life, YOUR way, my man! Thanks a bunch and high fives! Fantastic post — they would have loved this post in my technical writing class where they strip down a 10 page theory into 2 paragraphs! Here is my question:. Is it more beneficial from a traffic standpoint to ping as many credible services as you can, or avoid unknown ping services?

You resonated with those reasons and more. Lack thereof is probably the single and most common reason for failure online. And people would likely be much happier! I really resonated with why people were ditching blogs, because that is why I stopped following a lot of people over time, and today only actively follow 3 blogs.

I want quality, something that helps me learn, or do something better. It is also pretty interesting to consider what net profit is actually linked to. Mass page views is not the key that many feel like it is.

I am just getting the feel for the most important things on my own projects: I know that this will help me to ultimately do what I want and help other people do what they want ironically….

Same goes in his Blog Posts. They are Constantly Glen is less frequent, though creating and providing their best stuffs Content in their newsletter. Moreover, lack of social presence ensures its dark future. I know you beleive in giving everything out in one go like in your Guest Posting post but the lengthy articles might not suit every reader however, I just love those posts. Most people are short of time, Some are afraid of Reading those Epics, while others are not able to engulf everything in one go.

I know your 1 post per month type of schedule favours posting long articles, but it also sometimes take you away from our thoughts for the time there is no post or email from your side. On the contrary, Problogger is always filled with new content Though those are just guest posts, but still those sometimes impart value.

Moreover, its in a way, good for hi Organic Traffic. Because those posts have more chances of appearing in google for a lot more related keywords and LSIs than your one single post. Good for Darren, Not so good for his readers. Look him around on his social profiles. He is quite regular in posting updates there. He is also quite regular in mailing out useful stuff in his newsletter.

That made him stay in my head most of the time. However, you are still far, far ahead from those old school A — Listers that have lost their interest in their popular blogs. All I can say is WOW. Wish I had this info way back when.

Now for a short break to enjoy a slice of fantastic pizza and the real work starts — implementing everything you said! Accept the importance of mobile browsing and get on with it! I sincerely appreciate your willingness to give such powerful information here and at Blogging Case Study for free when you could very easily have sold it as an ebook.

So much for what I thought I was going work on today on my blog! Worth the 45 minutes I ended up spending reading it.

Figuring out how to get this blogging thing to work has been a challenge. Okay, it has become an obsession and thanks for feeding it. The thing about a post this long is that conversation in the comments feels a little like climbing a mountain. Perhaps though as you are criticising Mashable for putting out lower standard journalism, it might make sense to remove them from your footer?..

I like how you used John chow and Jeremy as a example.. I miss reading those clickbank articles…. Glen I Hate You! I was starting to watch a movie, and minutes before I was taking a look to my Google Plus Stream. And you know what? This is the longest post I have ever read completely. And I am happy to be between the ones I read it. But when I got to the part about the nipple slip and your comment about the future of mankind, my eyes misted and I was hooked emotionally.

I have these same thoughts. I find some of these news and celebrity sites disturbing, not because of what they say but because this is what so many want to the exclusion of all other. The real news is buried. Where are the Gucci ads here? Not weird at all, Richard. I was actually sitting with a friend when I approved this and read it out to him. Your comments section is almost as long as your gargantuan post!

It seems the most attention is being paid to how looooong this post was. Imagine reading a book????? I have to say I enjoyed your carefully crafted Aha-moments just as much as your well-researched industry insights. Thanks for not splitting this post into 5 more search traffic chasing sub posts and for replying to so many comments — come to think of it — at nearly 90 comments this is epic in itself! Long… but well worth the time it took to read. I even learned a few things I can use in my own blogs… always a good thing.

Excellent advice and insight…I will keep in mind your advice and will try to implement them. Glen, I just finished and am looking at the clock nervously. My schedule is derailed.

Written with care, worthy of the time, and building trust and loyalty. I wish you the greatest success. Passion is key to content, at least from the viewpoint of someone who loves to read relevant information that does not involve the failed lives of celebrities. Great post, great content, and most of all a huge heap of fire that fuels your pen, or keyboard most likely. I never search for the content that you post, but I almost always read due to your emails. Great post, I was thinking about why those sites you were pinging may have been outranking you.

These sites scraped and possibly somewhat edited your content automatically when you pinged them, auto-published an article and got it crawled by Google before you did. Google places priority on the first site it crawls and then subsequent sites it crawls for the same article, this is based on the principal that the first article they crawl is likely to be the original.

By stopping the pinging they would have crawled your site first, removing any duplicate content issues and thus restoring your ranking. It could of course be something else, but its something I have personally seen happen to a number of sites. From my experience, you are right on the money in many ways. I care about one thing: No hot air, no sermonizing, no fluff.

Content can be long—it can be a long essay—as long as it is solid. I also care for the references my valued emails send me—they are careful and thoughtful people. I only have a few precious hours a day for the web, so I avoid all sites that promise info overload. I can spare some time for a funny animation sequence see http: But it is very limited.

This world forces you to be superficial, to glide over everything, to acquire ADD. It tries to turn you into a sort of half-mad voyeur, a hopeless dilettante, as if you have to see everything and try everything.

Too many sites are just garbage, very low-brow distraction like the nip slips you mention or outright decadence, aimed at the LCD and at over-tired vacuous minds without real lives and community.

Your excellent analysis held my attention to the very end of this epic post. I saw it in my email and immediately read it start to finish. You make great points about content and passion. For example, one of my most popular posts was The Most Frugal Celebrities.

Thanks for all the good information! Hey you mite want to check out make money online key phrase!!! What is going on with Google! A brilliant and insightful post full of blog related gems and words of wisdom. I loved that it was long and offered meaty content although I had to read it over several days.

Your post packed so much content that it had to be digested in small bites. Thanks for the extensive article, good work.

The shotgun approach works for some but targeting the folks on my list brings me better results. Fish where the fish are. Keep doing that mate.. The future of civilization depends on our overcoming the meaninglessness and hopelessness that characterizes the thoughts of men today. People who have spent all day learning how to sell themselves and to manipulate others are in no position to form lasting friendships or intimate relationships… Many Americans hunger for a different kind of society — one based on principles of caring, ethical and spiritual sensitivity, and communal solidarity.

Their need for meaning is just as intense as their need for economic security. This IS a mini-book and a course well taken. When I first seen the size of it, I intended to bookmark it, but as I started reading, you really got me hooked. Of course I will bookmark it for later use because I cannot retain all the great information you have give me. Right now, what I can immediately apply is more visuals.

I am grateful for your time and energy that you put into this post. It seems like tides are turning, but I like to be informed of what is yet to come. Now it looks like the time. The real life examples of bloggers who succeeded wildly and how they did it, gives me confidence.

BTW, thanks for take your time to share this awesome post to us, Glen. Reading the article from beginning to the end took over two hours from my work tonight. I should have bookmarked it and came back to it but as busy as I am preparing for a book launch and growing traffic and subscribers I knew if I bookmarked it I might not be able to come back to it for sometime.

I have always believed that quality will always win over quantity. Though the more you write the more visitors that will find your site. But when doing this to make sure to be consistent with their posting schedule. If you want to post once a week, do your best to stick to it. If you want to post twice a month then stick with it and let your readers be aware of your posting schedule. But I have never been a fan of John chow simply because the first contact I had with is work was just too ordinary.

And I expected to see some real practical lessons and tips but I was so disappointed with how generic the information contained in the book was that I never visited his site again.

I am more interested in those I name A-list bloggers from how much value they offer. And for me you and Pat of smartpassiveincome. I understand the need of wanting to offer more to completely help the readers because I do that too. Honestly this article was too long. Sitting down and reading every word I will be right to say some things could have been left out of it and it would still offer same value. Even knowing how much value you always add from the beginning of your post to the end, at some point I was almost tempted to skip some part and I hate to have to skip content that interests me!

If a post is realllllllly long break it into two or put it in a downloadable report. While we want to always strive to give our readers as much information as we can, we also want to consider how readers feelings and their lack of time. But recently while working on increasing conversion for my site it suddenly occurred to me that the length of my newsletter can be doing more harm than good.

No matter the value we offer it will make no difference if our readers just bookmark our content and forget to get to back to them. I find this hard because I always discuss real subject matter that can help the reader with every edition I publish. But at least I keep it at the back of my mind, that way some editions can come out a little shorter. Maybe you can do the same. Wow, please can someone keep reminding me never to check my emails before getting to the tasks for the day.

But I did love the article and appreciate your efforts in putting it together. It took me about 2hrs 30mins to read it, so it probably took you weeks to put together. Glen, this has been the best hour I have spent reading online ever yes, I do read quite slowly … and add on an extra hour for exploring all the great links and references you provided.

The Matt Cutts tip on Pinging sites, was a real eye opener, and in hindsight seems so obvious. Shot for that one mate! Oh, and I love what Steve is doing with NerdFitness, which is another great find for me, and fits in well with a new Fitness and Health site I recently launched. I will definitely be paying attention to him…. Wow, I feel like I have just run a marathon… but it was all worth it.

Thanks as always for your insights bud! Anyway keep up yhe good work. Thanks for the article. It seems that you never post and then you post the blogging equivilent to War and Peace.

And like that book your post has great insights. It seems that quality content written with passion that gets readers though may be scraped in the short term is in the long term, the future of blogging. This post is awesome. Eye-opening insights to where the future of blogging is headed. Take care, Rose Smith. Yes, you give little tid bits of valuable research or insights on similar topics, but nothing that blows your socks off.

One could summarize this whole blog post in one sentence. Find your passion, BLOG about it, and capture email subscribers. Oh yeah, and did you see all these super amazing products I created…..?

What people should really be doing is studying the approach and the delivery. Reading between the lines. This includes, how you market the article days before the post goes live, all the success stories that include your products.. Then here I am commenting.. Please email me when your next post is ready or when that product is almost ready to be released.

Nip slips and 3 headed baby chickens always sold well and no, the humanity is not going to hell either. Well, celebrity gossip is the 21st century version of circus but these things happened since the beginning of time. Have passion and dedication for what you write? Idea was great, content was superb and what i liked is that: I want your guide for my blog too. I am currently studying for my English exam tommorow. Suddenly, I saw your email and opened this post. It took me 1 hour to read the whole post.

The problem is not how many words you have put into this, but the value of your content. It shows people to focus on long-term strategies. Its interesting to note how top bloggers like timothysykes and copyblogger have changed their home page to focus on list building. Thanks for this awesome, colossal post. I had to take a break in between to grab something to eat and recollect my thoughts before I sat down to read again. Not in terms of words of course but content. But still nice how you compared all the important guys and their blogs.

You always write how you could have made more money out of your awesome long blog posts but you are not doing it because…. Sad that we have to be thankful for that nowadays. And seriously…the amazing head tip from Matt…. Everybody can write a thousands words and hundreds of pages. Ahh, but they do.

Wow awesome post and tips you are right you could of packaged this up and sold it as a digital product. Before I say anything about this gargantuan post, I found the comments really interesting on a post like this. Note, it may not be the most active and quick to respond commenters. I can see this post having an effect on my future publications.

You see, back in , I made a real push to publish content that would hit the front page of DIgg. You know what happened? I never made it. I came close a couple of times, but never actually got on the front page. I was so disappointed each time. All the hard work to create a really good article, only to see it miss its goal. While I never attained my goal of 30, Digg visits in a day, instead I get a consistant annual flow of seven figure traffic from Google.

My writing style changed when I stopped going after Digg traffic, and just started publishing. But, I think my writing lost something. I guess it's almost the same thing. This new show is very confusing. Miss that fresh coconut in germany! Tutorial Makeup repost By zohralahib. Follow cantiknaturalaja for new video tutorial. No time to strai No time to straighten your hair? For Silky Smooth Hair Get your Hair Straightener Brush on our store contourverse.

Available on our store contourverse. I was decisively filtering for. An obligation of appreciation is all together for such post and please keep it up. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to examine a better than average quality article with supportive information on subjects that abundance are captivated on. I anticipate perusing your next instructive work.

Much thanks to you for sharing This is awesome! It truly demonstrates to me where to grow my online journal. Thanks for a to a great degree interesting site. What else may I comprehend that kind of data written in such a perfect strategy. I do not know you still appreciate it!

Pertaining to revealing this sort of satisfying info for everybody. In a matter of seconds I am discovered which I genuinely require. I check your web journal standard and try to take in something from your blog. I found this much informative. Thank you for this post. You have a snappy yet captivating framework for writing. I think this is a useful post and it is especially vital and able.

I want to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include almost all significant info. Thanks with regard to discussing. It is later obtaining this specific showing. My spouse and i notify this can be a fundamental spot where My spouse and i find issues I have been seeking immediately after straight down. Also work a webpage and in the event that you are ever enthused about doing some. I probably regarding every single piece of it.

Essentially anticipated that would educate you that you have individuals like me who regard your work. Express thankfulness toward you. From the huge measures of remarks on your articles, I have been planning to make something like this on my site and you have given me a thought. I now have a substitute issue after apache has started now I get an application bumble when attempting to logon to the affiliation console.

When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. But if you have not a pen, I suppose you must scratch any way you can. Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. This quote sustained me all though college.

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