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Forex Broker Rating will help you to choose the best brokerage company by reading reviews and comparison. What is Forex News Trading And Why Is It Important To You, As A Forex Trader? Forex News Trading, or Fundamental News Trading, is the primary driver of currency market is driven by high impact news events, and by understanding how to take advantage of these events, you can increase your profitability and avoid costly mistakes.

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What is Forex News Trading And Why Is It Important To You, As A Forex Trader? Forex News Trading, or Fundamental News Trading, is the primary driver of currency market is driven by high impact news events, and by understanding how to take advantage of these events, you can increase your profitability and avoid costly mistakes.

I was losing some, but also gaining some even more. I also made some withdrawals already. Starting from a hundred bucks, to then But they still keep on delaying my request. They say that they've observed a suspicious activity in my account. But I have just been doing as I've done in the past 2 years so what's so suspicious in my trading activities? I talked to my friend about it and I found out that he also had the same problem. I hope they are not just making excuses to not give us our money because I have been happy with my whole experience with them until this incident.

CMS, please don't let me lose my trust in you. My binary trading experiens is worst with IQ option broker. Now I say about their scam. Their platform didn't support automated trading system too and the server is hell, which updates in the rush trading hours. If I have open positions then it is difficult to close this positions. I say IQ options playing with me and take my profit.

Actually, the deposit proceeding is easy but payment is very difficult with them through Skrill. So I am captured with them. I have been a trader in Vomma for more then 2 years and I very satisfied with what I got from this broker. So far, there has been no severe problems that occur when I trade both deposits and withdrawals profit. Lot was only 0. In fact I've experienced a server crashes at night, then contacting their support and immediately got help very quickly.

Vomma is the best broker I recommend this broker to my family and friends. I am with FxGlory for a year now. So far, I'm somehow okay with my trading experience. They have a very stable MT4 platform with fast execution and no lags.

Although, MT4 is the only platform they have so if something went wrong with it, there wouldn't be any alternative platform. Thankfully, no drastic issue has occurred to it yet. They also have a tight spread which is what most scalpers look for but unfortunately, scalping is not allowed with this broker. Although of course, tight spreads are also beneficial to long-term traders.

As for the withdrawal, well, they aren't very fast on that aspect. Mine took almost two weeks before being transferred.

Base on my trading experience, AxiTrader is one of good broker which provide very easy trading system for use and many advantage for their traders. During trading I prefer in dollar account since their spreads pip value is fixed in 0. I also helper by their customer support also gives their fast respons and all of them were responsive to my inquiries and helped me, and I had great success with them.

I really trust in their system and technical services because of that I trade here for more then a year until now. I don't prefer to trade with NordFx broker in a fix account. I have used their MT4 platform, which is so complex and frozen most of the time. The order isn't executed in my desired position due to the slow platform, even when I want to open an order then I got so much negative slippage and SL do works.

I think their service is bad. Now I think to transfer another broker. But yesterday I received an email that NordFx have been canceled my transaction. So I think to make a complaint to FCA. I feel very fortunate to join XEMarkets because every trading process and platform run good. In addition to bonuses, profit from these brokers are also numerous and growing from every trade that I do. I am very satisfied trading in XEMarkets.

I first opened a demo account with FxPro and I swear, my experience was really great! That is why I decided to open a live account with them after a month.

Today I could install the EA on to my Platform. The system itself choose the folder where to install. But after installation and finish, the EA is not visible under the Navigation, Experts of the platform. Pandupr2, this seems to be a typical issue when you try to install the EA in a MT4 platform using build and above.

These platforms are of build compatable. When ever I try, a message pops up saying that the destination forlder is not the correct one. Action of the EA: Hi Gerhard, please check on your EA settings or reset your settings. By default, it should be 15 pips away from the pre-release time. Check if you have it set to pips maybe you entered to compensate for 5-digit broker?

Good morning mr Henry i applied the news you sent for uk retail sale this morning but was not in my favour. If you are new to news trading, please review our Forex education section: Also would like to know if the EA will trade the currency pairs in which it will be installed?

Hi bako, the CMS is a stand-alone program that displays the different currency strengths, and the CNT EA is an expert advisor that works in Metatrader 4 and it can automatically trade the scheduled news when there is a spike. Here are the download and installation guide, respectively: The CNT EA only needs to installed in one chart, but will trade all available pairs in your trading platform.

I do not have any comment to post. My problem is that, i want to subscribe with your Live Trading Room. From your website you do not create any form of how someone can subscribe. What should i do. Below are my details. Davies Joel Oyola Thanks. Hi Davies, thank you for your interest in joining the trade room. You can apply here: In the above illustration, I did not see you taking into account the actual news release in the analysis. I only noticed that you used deviation of 70k which you said was obtained after observing market for 5 years and the forcast of K.

So where does the actual news release comes in? Therefore, this news was tradable, since it did hit our expected deviation. Thanks for the prompt reply. I so much appreciate it. So could it be that because the K is better that the K that is why the market was a buy market? I request you to kindly clarify my doubt. The EA will trade all pairs and news releases regardless on what pair chart you install it on. Moreso, wire transfer is very expensive in my country.

I am very much interested in your Live Room Trading Signal. Profit Monger accept Debit Card which one of my friend happen to be a subscriber.

But, i want to be with you. I love all your news alert and others Thanks Davies. It is the same as the real time release, but of course depend on your internet latency, you may get it one or two seconds later. Hi, I am new to news trading. Also, any other alternatives you would recommend? Henry, I think you should contact these companies directly. Bloomberg and Reuters have subscription services, and I have no idea if API is available for tradethenews… However, you may not need the numbers to fully automate news trading, there are alternatives that I am currently working on… Will keep you guys posted.

You provide a trigger sheet. Would you mind sharing the source? Sorry, I took it back. Thx a lot, Henry. I deeply appreciate your commitment to us novice traders. May God richly reward u. I am from India. I am trading forex since January Still a new comer in this and found this field very much lucrative and excited.

I am a business man on small scale and doing trading in Indian market since last 8years. I Joined your website ans still receiving your mails about news trade.

I need to ask something about the exact news online. Can you please suggest me from where I will get the news as soon as it get released during trade. I use internet which is not so fast as I reside in a rural area but it be fast soon InshAllah. Can you please suggest me any website or link etc which provide me the news release on time time so that I can make the successful trades according to your news analysis.

I will be thank full to you for this kind act and also thank you for a free analysis,I really appreciate your work. Allah bless you with faith and more wisdom in your field aamin. I would recommend using a paid service such as tradethenews. Do not ever spend time on ALL news events since they might or might not push the market, and […]. All you have to understand are the three things that every high impact news event comes with: This is a figure derived from a survey of economists, usually done by news agencies such as Reuters or Bloomberg.

This Forecast number, represents what the market expects the release to be. This is the actual figure for the previous month. Sometimes market looks at the current Forecast versus the Previous release to gauge improvement.

This figure is also important because sometimes we will get a revision, or modification of the past release, which could also surprise the market. This is the actual release of the news from official sources. If this figure is different from the Forecast number, then we have a Surprise that is definitely market moving.

And News Trading takes advantages of this surprise. Comments Sayyed asghar says: June 1, at 9: Hi herry lue I use ctrader platform for trade , do you have cnt ea for this platform?

June 4, at 9:

I am trading forex since January Hi herry lue I use ctrader platform for trade , do you have cnt ea for this platform?

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Profit Monger accept Debit Card which one of my friend happen to be a subscriber.

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